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PaperStore is a simple-to-use cost effective way to store and retrieve documents, using state-of-the-art imaging technology.

PaperStore is a simple-to-use cost effective way to store and retrieve documents, using state-of-the-art imaging technology. Applications are created in minutes — no programming required. Documents are scanned or imported and indexed by custom defined index fields.

With PaperStore, millions of documents are searched in mere seconds. Users may fax, route, or e-mail documents to others for viewing. With E-Sig, authorized users can place their signature anywhere on the page for approvals.

Who uses PaperStore?
Health Care
Mortgage Banking
Law Enforcement
Family Court
... and more
OCR/Barcode Recognition - automatically indexes from scanned documents, storing it in a database for search and retrieval.
Workflow - electronic document routing that increases productivity, accuracy and efficiency over traditional paper processing.
Electronic Signature - digital signatures are stored safely with PIN # security and can be applied to scanned images.
Email - images out and import e-mail and attachments.
Out Box - allows users to select images from several different applications to then fax, print or e-mail.
Event Log - captures the activity of users in a complete audit trail.
Annotation - Post-it-notes, Redaction, Stamps.
Importing - third-party images files can be stored and retrieved in PaperStore.
Exporting - images and data can be exported out of PaperStore.
CD Publishing - provides images to be written to a CD for distribution.
WEB Access - allows data to be viewed or printed via your Web browser.
Document Capture Engine - Tool Kit to image-enable your own applications. Provides needed database connection, document processing and search/retrieval capabilities.
Signature Cards
Job Orders
Accounts Payable
Contract Labor Time Cards
Capital Expense Tracking
Invoice Approval
driven by client-specific workflow directives
real-time progress reporting
Point-of-Service access to customer files
Backoffice processing of claims
Archive of documents
Human Resources
Payroll records
Credential tracking
Employee Time Sheets
Medical Records
Admissions desk point-of-service
Back office medical records
Physcian e-signatures
State-funded grant participation
Pharmacy orders
Family Court
Court access to case files
Backoffice guardian ad litem files
Archive of Family Court documents
... and more
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