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Omation 2100 Table Top Envelopener (Refurbished)

Powerful Performance In a Small Package

Now even small mail opening operations can enjoy the best in automated performance. The Omation Model 2100 Envelopener is a compact, table top unit designed for low volume of incoming mail-offering the same quality, accuracy and advanced technology as the larger, high speed Omation Envelopeners.

Fast and efficient, the Model 2100 can process up to 400 envelopes per minute. It completely and effortlessly opens envelopes, allowing quick extraction and eliminating the frustration and slowdown partial opens can cause.

Makes Quick Work of Mixed Mail

The Model 2100 is ideal for mixed sizes of mail, including flats as well as oversized and thicker than normal envelopes. It opens envelopes containing folded documents without cutting contents, even with jogging or tamping. The result: a smoother, faster, more productive mail opening operation.

Unique Milling Cutter Protects Contents, Prevents Paper Cuts and Minimizes Waste

This small wonder utilizes the same unique high-speed milling technology as Omation's larger Envelopeners. It can remove as little as .010" to .015" chips from the envelope edge, preventing sliced contents and producing a soft, feathered edge. This is a distinct advantage over slicing-blade and guillotine-type cutters that may damage contents and leave sharp edges which can cause painful paper cuts.

Waste is minimized, because the Model 2100 produces tiny milled chips rather than larger strip cuttings. The chips are whisked away and automatically discarded, keeping the workspace clean and preventing jams.

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