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Scan Coin 3003 Coin Counter

Scan Coin SC313 Coin Wrappers

The SC3003 is the most robust high quality coin counter on the market.

The SCAN COIN 3003 is a high capacity coin counter and its quality and variety of smart functions are appreciated by thousands of users worldwide. In short, the SC 3003 is considered to be one of the most robust and high quality coin counters on the market today.

The SC3003 coin counter has been specifically developed to count large quantities at a fast rate, ensuring efficient and reliable counting of incoming coins and tokens.  It's high capacity of up to 3500 coins per minute makes it a popular coin counter at banks and cash centers all over the world.

Features include an auto-stop when the last coin has passed and a non-volatile memory allowing storage of counted coins. The automatic off-sorting of smaller coins allows the separation of mixed denominations.

  • Smaller coin off-sort allows separation of mixed denominations
  • High speed, up to 3.500 coins per minute
  • Preprogrammed stops, with manual override from 5 to 50,999
  • Subtotals and grand total with separate bag count memory
  • Two speed coin fed for optimum performance when bagging or wrapping
  • Electronic sensor for accurate counting - does not require cleaning to maintain highest accuracy
  • Long lasting electronic sensor with non-contact counting reduces wear and eliminates the need for high pressure feeding belts
  • Easy to read 6 digit green LED display with unique program function capable of displaying counts up to four billion
  • Automatic disc reversing for jam clearing and shut off when no more coins are detected
  • Quiet - only 67 DB noise level
  • Standard configuration includes all 6 denominations (SBA and Sacagawea, 50¢, 25¢, 5¢, 1¢) and can be adjusted to handle virtually any coin or token up to 1.55" diameter
  • Large selection of options and modular accessories to meet demanding operator requirements
  • Unique wrapping system available with easy loading of wrappers an hands-free filling for maximum productivity
  • Optional RS232 interface available for external control of the machine
  • Microprocessor controlled with non-volitale memory for storing all vital data - no battery backup required
  • Built-in service program for setup functions and monitoring of service intervals
    • Coin tray
    • Coin hopper
    • Large coin hopper
    • Inspection tray
    • Double outlet with bag holder
    • Bag guide with shelf
    • Bag guide without shelf
    • Foot-control
    • Bagging attachment (for the rejected coins)
    • Remote display
    • Insert holder
    • Tubing insert for prefabricated tubes
    • Serial interface RS 232 for connection to PC
    Coin Speed
    Up to 3500 coins per minute
    Coin / Token Diameter Range
    0.59-1.46" (15-37 mm)
    Coin Thickness Range
    0.04-0.14" (1.0-3.5 mm)
    12 x 23 x 10" (WxDxH)
    37.5 lbs
    110 / 220 / 240 V, 50/60Hz

    *** Specifications subject to change without notice ***

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