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Self-Serve Payment Kiosk


Lock in the dollars - Lock out the fraud

With the continuation of decreasing budgets many offices have had to adopt automated solutions for repetitive service offerings.  Payment kosks offer several self-serve kiosks that provide proven, cost-effective delivery for most mainstream transactions.

Kiosk are designed as a customizable solution to provide valued services for self-serve payments.  Enhance your customer's service experience with a convenient, safe, time saving payment kiosk.

The kiosk can be use in one or multiple departments.  Look up the bill by customer or bill information or with a simple scan of the barcode.  If you need a payment, the kiosk can handle it.

Accepted Payment Options …
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Any combination of the above
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    How can self-pay kiosks help your organization?

    Improved Customer Satisfaction

    • Central or remote placement
    • Up to 24/7 access
    • Accept payments for multiple departments

    Free your staff to work on other projects

    Help minimize customer wait times during busy periods

    Cashier-free payment processing

    Provide multiple forms of payment for customer convenience

    • Credit Card
    • Check
    • Cash
    • ... any combination of the above

    Customer account identification

    • Scans bill bar code for automated lookup
    • Touch-Screen for manual lookup


    Automatically report and audit all activity

    • Posting file for batch updates to billing system
    • Electronic deposit file for checks
    • Reports

    Styles may change without notice

    I = Included            O = Optional            NA = Not Available
    Description Desktop Pedestal Thru-Wall Vault
    Cabinet & Kiosk Pro custom interface application I I I I
    17" Touch screen flush with unit I I I I
    Secured Access I I I I
    Batch data processing (uploads of client data & posting file generation) I I I I
    Real-time data processing (data lookup & payment posting) O O O O
    Multiple Departments (per additional department)
    O O O O
    Second lock (provides for 2-person controlled entry) O O O O
    Bar code reader O O I I
    Camera to capture single frame user photos O O O O
    Thermal receipt printer O I I I
    Ability to email receipts I I I I
    Ability to accept credit cards ( Kiosk Pro processing) I I I I
    Ability to accept credit cards (credit card reader) O I I I
    Credit cards - use client's processor (1X + 20%/add) O O O O
    Ability to accept e-checks (Kiosk Pro processing) I I I I
    Ability to scan checks (capture image & MICR data) NA O O O
    E-checks/ACH - use client's processor (1X + 20%/add) O O O O
    Ability to receive cash (bills, locking cassette) NA O O O
    Ability to dispense cash (bills, locking cassettes)* NA NA NA O
    Ability to dispense cash (coins)* NA NA NA O
    Outdoor facing NA NA I O
    Custom vinyl full color graphic wrap (3' w x 6' h) O O O I
    Vinyl logo full color graphic (maximum 18"x 18") NA O O I

    All specs can change without notice

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